When You Need A Friend


"When you are sad and burdened down, you

need a helping hand.

You need a friend who listens well -

someone who'll understand.

Someone who's feet have trod the road

of sorrow once before

Is able then to tell you that your

troubles he once bore.


And when temptations come your way you

feel that you are weak.

You need someone to strengthen you;

for good advice you seek.

You want someone who, like you, has

been tempted in the past;

And yet who somehow had the strength

to overcome at last.


You have a friend in Jesus Christ; he's

walked in your own shoes.

He understands temptations; the right

way He helps you choose.

For He's been lonely, tempted too, and

yet without a sin.

He'll help you to be faithful and the

crown of life to win.

-Steve Cawthon.