Evangelist David Harkrider said: "Award him (David Harkrider, dm) his actual damages, special damages, punitive damages, and all costs and expenses, and grant him such further relief as the court deems just…The probable recovery on Plaintiff's complaint will not exceed fifty thousand dollars exclusive of interest and costs" (Wording in the summons, District Court, Arapahoe county, Englewood, Co.; expressed in the context of David Harkrider's demanding mandatory arbitration, case no. 90 CV605, Division 5).

     On February eighth, 1990 a lawsuit was initiated by Evangelist David Harkrider against Hoyt Houchen (the defendant), Virgil Gooselaw, Glen Demaree, Ronnie Guess, and Don Martin (co-defendants). The purpose of the suit, as expressed by David Harkrider in the judicial proceedings, was to obtain moneys from the defendants. Harkrider claimed a statement made by Hoyt Houchen that "David Harkrider and his business associate (Ron Guess) were convicted for fraud two years ago" constituted the disseminating of defamatory libel. Judge Hickman denied David Harkriders' legal claims and ruled, "The court concludes that the statement of Mr. Houchen was substantially true…"

    The foregoing is becoming more common even among brethren in our present litigious society. I Corinthians 6:1-8 is being arrogantly ignored! (See article in Archives on "Brethren Suing Brethren," dm.)


    From the time of the lawsuit that brother Harkrider initiated against me, 1990, until his death, February 3, 2009, I attempted to work with David on different occasions to effect his biblical repentance, but I refused to take part in any political cover up of the matter.  At one point, I believe it was 2002, David told me, "I might not be unwilling to say that I sinned in suing you."  When I asked him if he would contact the other defendants and ask their forgiveness, no double talk, he said, "No, my offer is for only you."  I responded with, "Such is not repentance."  From 2002 until his passing, I do not recall any contact with David.  David died without ever repenting and asking my forgiveness for his sinful action.  On February 15, 2009, twelve days subsequent to his death, I received a letter from David.  I shall below publish his letter just to keep straight the record.  While some are arguing various things such as:  "You sued David Harkrider for money," "David repented," etc., the record remains clear.  I wish that the "update" would be that brother Harkrider repented and evidenced the "...fruits of repentance," but such is not the case (cp. Matt. 3: 8).  Pride and "brethren" who defended David prevented David's repentance.  Here are his final words to me (dated January 22, 2009):

"Mr. Martin:

To my regret you have chosen to make me your enemy.  I have done all that I know to do to settle that animosity, but I want you to know that the doctors have declared me to be on my death bed and I have forgiven you.

David R. Harkrider"

     The case of the fall of brother Harkrider is a sad circumstance.  The vast lost monies involved in the Harkrider investment dealings is one thing, but the greater damage is how so many attempted to unscripturally exonerate David from any guilt.  Some have now changed their understanding of the teaching against such lawsuits residing in I Corinthians 6.  I close this chapter with no hatred for David, only regret that I could not have said or done more to effect his repentance and a rebuke for those who did not really care for David's soul and for truth.  -Don Martin