What does the Bible Teach about Dating?


     Introduction:  Since dating is a precursor to marriage and the family, it is of the utmost importance. However, as far as the Bible and plain teaching about dating, the Bible does not really speak. There are, though, applicable biblical principles.

I. Courtship in Bible days.

  A. There is no question about America having one of the most permissive and unusual courtship and marriage practices known in history.

  B. During Bible times, the choice of a bride was usually made by the relatives or a friend appointed by the bridegroom. Sometimes consent of the maiden was sought, but even then, it appears to have been subordinate to the previous consent of the father and adult brothers (Gen. 24: 51, 34: 11).

  C. In America, it is not uncommon that dating starts when the girl is fourteen to sixteen, she makes all her decisions, and is often married at sixteen to eighteen. There is too often no advice or supervision from parents requested or offered. How tragic!

II. Biblical principles to guide during dating.

  A. As suggested, modern dating has many attendant problems, especially for the young. Dating is often a time of sexual danger and temptation.

  B. Virginity should be valued, but it is often lost during dating. Great care should be taken in being alone, surroundings, and general influences.

  C. The boy/girl or man/woman should be primarily aware of substantive, spiritual qualities. Such as, will the boy or man make a good father and provider?

  D. Petting should be avoided, as it is lasciviousness and often ends in fornication (Gal. 5: 19, I Cor. 6: 18).

  E. Care should be taken to avoid dating a "put away" person and even the one who has scripturally put away a mate is at greater risk (Matt. 5: 32, 19: 19).

III. Being young should be a time of joy.

  A. Too often, though, youth, innocence, and purity are robbed because of our modern dating practice (Eccl. 11: 9-12: 7).

  B. Remember that the person you marry will be the person you date!

     Conclusion:  Especially for the young, dating can be something that will be looked back on either with favor or shame. Young people, listen to your parents and others of maturity and value their advice.