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  This is a collection of interesting quotations.  Some simply  reflect beliefs while others have been instrumental in shaping  thinking and either beginning or fueling  movements.  (There is a mixture of truth and error taught in the quotes.)

Luther, Wesley, and Spurgeon on "party names"

Jesus on truth

Hitler and Stalin on Christianity

Atheism and Christianity


Baptist Preacher on Sin

Brother Suing Brethren

Paul on Love

Masonry, a Religion

The Bible

Too Narrow

Craig Bean on Legalism

John on Commandments

Scholars on Church Autonomy

A Plea for tolerance on Divorce...Issues

Famous preachers on Baptism

Quotes regarding the Lord's Supper

Famous quote regading False Teachers

Roy Cogdill's appeal

Scholars on absence of choirs

Reverence for the word of   God

Warnock, Connie Adams, R.L. Whiteside, James Adams, and David Lipscomb on Di-  vorce and Remarriage

Mechanical Instruments in praise of God

Billy Graham on Denominationalism

Quotes regarding Infant Baptism

Regarding the Plan of Salvation

Quote concerning the use of Reverend among Baptists