Evolution, an Empty Philosophy


     There is absolutely no denying that organic evolution is diametrically opposed to and hopelessly irreconcilable to the Genesis' account of creation. Man is inclined to forget that Darwinian evolution is not science (capable of being reproduced in the laboratory) but theory. Even more accurately stated, organic evolution (Darwinian) is a hypothesis. The Bible and real science are not antagonistic. For instance, science requires the presence of time, energy, force, space, and matter in order to have a beginning. The first verse of the Genesis account supplies these necessary elements. There was "time" ("in the beginning," Gen. 1: 1); "energy" ("God," Gen. 1: 1); "force" ("created," Gen. 1: 1); "space" ("heavens," Gen. 1: 1, ASV); and "matter" ("the earth," Gen. 1: 1). However, organic evolution adamantly denies even the possibility of a Creator and stubbornly demands a "natural order or phenomenon" to explain origins. Darwinian evolution is becoming the religion of the State. A young man wrote us and was terribly upset regarding the material in our Web sites that teach and present God as the Creator. This young man's response is becoming more the norm, as evolution is accepted. This young man states some flawed argumentation and then expressed the following:

     "…By the way, I am 15 years old. You have no control over my generation.  Your efforts are pointless. Science is what is true. A theory that explains is better than a belief, which brushes off. If you realize, science is prevalent when society is on a high, only when irrational behavior sets in does religion have a say…."

     This fifteen year old boy's statement "science is what is true, a theory that explains is better than a belief…" in indicative of the fact that evolution is a religion, to many. Organic evolution often finds itself not simply attempting to present a hypothesis (they misrepresent when they call it a fact) regarding the origin of the universe and all things therein), but they are in battle with religion (moral concepts). Consider this quotation from a Russian Newspaper:

     "You must understand that we don't preach godlessness as such in the school. There is no need for it. We explain the laws of the natural development of the world and we give a scientific explanation of the facts of the universe. In the senior classes we teach the foundations of Darwinism." (A Russian Newspaper, cited by The Listener, Vol. 43, March 30 1950.)

     After all the dust settles and the fervor from comparative debate and exchange has abated, the irrefutable fact remains: organic evolution is a futile philosophy, unable to answer the three basic questions of life, man's origin, purpose, and destiny.

     Man's origin. The Bible presents man being begun by an incomprehensibly superior being, God, the Creator. The first words of the Bible, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" tell us of the origin of the heavens and earth. We are then told that God made man in his own image and assigned to man dominance over creation on the earth (vs. 26-28). God, the energy, is presented as loving and as man's benefactor (Gen. 1: 29-31; 2: 18). God created man as a free moral agent, having the choice of serving his Creator or rejecting him (Gen. 2: 9). Even after man rejected God, God made provision for man's spiritual needs (Gen. 3: 15).

     Godless evolution offers an entirely different explanation for the origin of man. It must be recognized that evolutionists are very divided in their efforts to explain man's beginning. They all concur, however, in their belief that there was no Creator. In the main, they postulate that it all began with the simplest form of life, a one celled ameba. Of course, they have no idea where all the prerequisite elements originated that were necessary even for the simplest of life forms. From this simple life form, life progressed and evolved through natural and intelligent selection. Man is the result of this natural selection and progression, they tell us. Evolutionists do not like to be asked about the female species, her origin and simultaneous development and progression. They also do not want you questioning them regarding how so many aspects of man, his eyes, lungs, etc., have to be immediately and totally intact to functionally exist. Hence, natural selection and sequential progress are precluded. Also, consider the fact that there is absolutely no room for the merger of organic evolution and the Genesis account. Man was made a full and complete being (Gen. 1, 2). Theistic evolution, therefore, is not a feasible alternative.

     On one hand, we have a loving Creator creating man in his image, different from and superior to the lower animals; on the other, we have a godless and totally irreconcilable mass of contradictions and utter impossibilities, called organic evolution.

     Man's purpose. God did not create man with no purpose or plan in mind. All of creation not only implies a Creator, but order, system, and plan. In every aspect of creation there is symmetry, not chaos, disorder, and random selection. The purpose of man is seen in such statements as the following: "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole of man" (Eccl. 12: 13). While God tells of sin and the guilt of sin, He reveals to us how to experience forgiveness and the consequent happiness (Acts 2: 38; I Jn. 1: 7 ff). Following God's word keeps man from experiencing many hurts (I Pet. 3: 10 ff., Prov. 13: 15). Man has the privilege of prayer, in which he can make his requests known to his caring Heavenly Father (Phili. 4: 6).

     To the converse, Darwinism is purposeless. Why does man exist in the terms of Darwinism unless simply for the reproduction of the species? Man left on his own, does not improve, but tends to be self-destructive. Without God, there is no real purpose to life.

     Man's destiny. The Bible is not silent relative to the final destiny of man. Hear Jesus, "And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal" (Matt. 25: 46). Paul taught glory, honor, immortality, and eternal life shall be experienced by those "who by patient continuance in well doing seek" for these enjoyments. Those who experience heaven, will bask in the glory of God forever (Rev. 21, 22).

     The evolutionist offers nothing but a grave, in which the body decomposes. There is no eternal spirit; hence, what ever there is to man ceases to exist with physical life. Man, therefore, should entertain no thoughts beyond the grave.

     In view of organic evolution's inability to intelligently and practically address man's origin, purpose, and destiny, evolution is futile and empty. Evolution offers man nothing and reduces him to a mere animal. Nonetheless, godless evolution continues to be taught to our young people as fact in many schools throughout the land. I live about two miles from the Columbine High School where the senseless slaughter occurred. I know how a lot of these young people think. In the absence of true religion and God recognition, there will always be substitute philosophies such as organic evolution and cults of every type. (Click on "Creation and Evolution:  Taking a Closer Look" to read more about organic evolution.)