The scriptures are very clear in their presentation of God's law.  Alas, many today have been convinced that since we are under a system of grace, there is no law.  The following material presents the truth on this abused subject and refutes many false doctrines.  To return to the Archives page, click here.    You may use "Edit/Find" to do a search on this page.   (Material constantly added.)

A Study of Law


Bible Authority, a Closer Look

The Gospels, Old Law or Jesus' Law?

What does the "Doctrine of Christ" in 2 John 9-11 Mean?

The Ten Commandments

Back to the Bible

A Study of Moral Law

Jesus and the Law of Moses

Why was the Law Weak?

God's Commandments - Some Accomplishments

Christ and the Law (sermon outline study)

A Study of Happy

Bible Authority, Practically Viewed

Graig Bean on Legalism

John on Commandments

Great Truths, Circumstances

"But I Say Unto You"

The Conscience

Who is a False Teacher?

Moses Spake Nothing

Know with Certainty

The Hebrew Scriptures

Some Agents Involved in Man's Justification

The Old and New Covenants

Hermeneutics, Handling Aright the Word

The Good Samaritan