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      On about December 8 of 1998,  the Webmaster for Bible Questions (the Website belonging to the church where I preached at the time) emailed us and said he would no longer be the Webmaster, effective immediately.  The elders where I preached nor I did not know anything about the world of HTML, we did not even know how to update Bible Questions the next week.  I decided it was time for me to enter cyberspace.  I took a week of my vacation time and isolated myself in my office to study Web science.  I took a course by Microsoft on FrontPage 98 and began a serious study of Hypertext markup language and Web concept.  After I became the Webmaster for Bible Questions, I decided there was a need for a Web site such as Bible Truths.  Hence, the creation of Bible TruthsBible Truths was published to the Internet March of 1999.  (I am the sole owner and administer of Bible Truths; hence, Bible Truths is simply a tool for me to exercise my individual responsibility to teach the gospel to as many as I can.)

     The purpose of Bible Truths is to offer a site where people can visit to learn the truths of God's word in their simplicity and ancient purity.  Bible Truths does not seek to be politically correct or loyal to any human creed.  Accuracy in teaching (according to the Bible) and correctness in application is the goal.  Bible Truths not only serves as a general site, but it continues to provide a reference source for Bible Questions and all the men who answer incoming questions from Bible Questions.

     Our "Great Truths" section features a number of subject treatments.   These subjects such as "The Godhead," "Creation," and "The Resurrection" are especially fundamental and foundational

     "Current Truth" is updated each week with new and germane material.   The treatment is concise and yet complete enough to do justice to the subject matter.

     "Questions" consists of the most commonly asked questions about the particular "Current Truth."  Hence, the Questions section changes each week.  After you read "Current Truth" and have a question, the chances are your question is asked and answered on the "Questions" page.  (See a total explanation of each segment of Bible Truths on the Site Map page, below the Site Map table). In short, Bible Truths was designed to be a teaching aid in assisting people in their sincere search for truth.  Bible Truths is dual in nature, having teaching that is applicable to the non-Christian and teaching that also pertains to the Christian.   In each case, there is no apology and no watering-down of the material presented.

     There are presently two online study courses offered in Bible Truths.  There is the Online Bible Study Course and the Online Greek Course.  Each course consists of study material and a total of one hundred and sixty questions.  These answers are submitted to me for grading and the score returned via email.    Since these courses were designed and published to Bible Truths, there have been a surprising number of people from all walks of life take advantage of them. 

     Bible Truths is a registered name and the material appearing herein is copyrighted.  However, for study purposes you are welcome to print out any material.   If you desire to reproduce the material in written form or in a publication, be it electronic or written, please contact me and ask for permission.  Material in Bible Truths is being electronically and materially reproduced in a number of countries.  Our goal is to spread God's truths as far and wide as we can and the Internet is a source such as has never before been seen. 

     Most of the material appearing in Bible Truths is mine.  If there has been another author, the name of the author is supplied underneath the title of the subject.

     Please feel free to contact me with any comment or for permission to reproduce the material in Bible Truths  (Email Don Martin).