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     You may locate the material found in Bible Truths by four different methods.  The first method is the alphabetical index.  The subject index table contains subjects which are addressed by the articles found in Bible Truths.  You may also simply scroll down (below) and select a subject to read or print out (see copyright provision at bottom of the home page).  The faster way to search for topics is to click on "Edit/Find " in your browser (if it has this feature) and you can rapidly search all the below horizontally listed subjects.   There is also a search feature which allows you to enter a word(s), click on the "Search" button above to access.   Please make full use of all the timeless truths found herein. (Material is constantly added.) 

Alphabetical Index

     Please select the letter for the subject you desire.  For instance, if you desire material on the apostles, select "A."  

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Subject Index

God's Love for Man

The Bible

Man's Salvation

The Gospel of Christ

The Godhead

The Kingdom of God



Scriptural Fellowship

The Holy Spirit

Bible Miracles

God's Grace

Water Baptism

Study of Law

A Study of Creation


Capital Punishment

Truth about Angels

The Judgment


Truth about Divorce


Religious Unity

Religious Division

Truth about Man



The Act of Judging


Study of Bible Predestination

The Earth

Columbine (youth)

Lawsuits Among Brethren



The New Testament Church

Study of Sin

Jesus Christ

The "Clergy"

Time Studies

Bible Authority

Pristine Christianity

The Lord's Supper



A Study of Law

A Look at Religious Journals among Brethren

The Gospels, Old Law or Jesus' Law?

Response to Caldwell, Scott, and Adams' Material (days of creation)

"Is Fellowship a 'Brotherhood' Issue?" - a Review

The Six Days of Creation

"The 'Days' of Genesis 1" (by Ferrell Jenkins) - a Review

Strange Worries (Dee Bowman and Christianity Magazine)

"Let The Church Be The Church!" - A Review

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage, the Fellowship Issue

Divorce, Remarriage and Romans 14, the Abuse Continues

Scriptural Baptism for the Remission of Sins

The Training of Preachers, How Done

Withdrawal, in Cases of Family Members

"Consider," a Thought Provoking Study

Must We Divide Over Every Issue?

"Ye Worship Ye Know Not What"

The Problem of Evil and God

Jesus, God in the Flesh

The Bar Church of Christ

Jesus and Issues

A Study of "Always"

Examining "Not" and "Now"

My Removal from Mar's List

The Examples in Acts, How Viewed?

The Lord's Supper and the Assembly

God's Grace and Man's Inability

"My Kingdom is not of this world"

The Things that are Wanting

A Pestilent Fellow

Some Kingdom Facts

The Vital "Meal"

Did Jesus Debate?

Truth, How Much?

Bible Authority, a Closer Look

Preaching, a Medley of Matters

Your Teaching is too Hard!

Marriage, Some Challenges

Morally Obligatory Marriage

The Sermon on the Mount

The Law of Antithesis

"Blessed," a Study

"All Seek Their Own"

Paul, the Preacher

"Keepers at Home"

The Human Body

"Save Yourselves"

"Breaking Bread"

The Global Gospel

A Study of Moral Law

The Gospel and Conduct

"Joined," Some Reflections


The Exalted Jesus

Jesus, the Son of God

The Truth about Lying

Why was the Law Weak?

Pharaoh's Four Proposals

Who Runs Local Churches?

Acts 20: 7, an Important Verse

Doctrinal and Morality Matters

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

"The Spirit Lusteth to Envy"

Divine and Self Keeping, Both

Two Causes for Religious Error

"If Ye Believe Not That I Am He...."

Divorcement for the Kingdom's Sake

Profane, Obscene, and Indecent Speech

Some Revealing Exchanges on Romans 14

Starting a New Testament Local Church

I Corinthians 16: 1, 2, a Study

House Churches Versus Meeting in Houses

The Hebrew Roots and Sacred Name Movement

The Pillar and Ground of the Truth, an Exposition

The School of Tyrannus, what Lessons Learned?

Mary Magdalene and the Da Vinci Code

"The People Rose Up To Play"

Bible Authority, Practically Viewed

The Church, Why So Many Problems?

Why So Many Differences Among Preachers Today?

Issues, Why Many Are Not Universally Resolved

The Guardian of Truth Foundation and Florida College

Why Have Privately Supported Preaching Institutions?

Achan, a Study of Mutual Responsibility

Christianity Magazine, a Closer Look

Found, the Replacement for Christianity Magazine?

Membership in the Local Church

"Have You Not Read This Scripture?"

The Inclusiveness of Christianity

Some Equivalent Terms Examined

The Exclusivity of Christianity

Fornication and Sexual Purity

The High Priesthood of Jesus

Bible Classes, Some Thoughts

"By Force To Make Him King"

Plainness of Speech

Mike Willis Responds!

Balanced Preaching?

The Case of Works

False Religion

"Let's All Agree To Disagree"

Sports and the Christian

Jesus, Misunderstood

"But I Say Unto You"

Accepting God's Help

The New World Order

Controlling the Borders

"Walk in the Light"

Essential Grace

The Lord's Day

The Book of Life

The Reality of God

Religious Titles


Grace Alone?

"Let Not"

Truth in Conflict

"Prove All Things"

A Study of Sorrow

The Good Samaritan

Polygamy and the Bible

Issues, What To Do With Them

Churches of Christ Today, Differences

Neo-Institutionalism, are we Splitting Hairs?

I Timothy 5, Widows and Church Versus Individual Action

When was Cornelius Saved?

Dogs and Swine, Holy and Pearls

The Oak Hills Church, a Model

Sin, Different Action Considered

"Set for the Defence of the Gospel"

Things Required and not Required of Preaches

Unconditional Fellowship in Churches of Christ

Matthew 18: 15-17, the Ploy of False Teachers

Greek, How Should a Knowledge of it be Viewed?

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Questions and Answers

The Lord's Supper, the "Second Serving" Controversy

I Corinthians 11: 20-22, 33, 34, What Were They Doing?

"Speaking the Truth in Love"

Time Frame Considerations

I Corinthians 10: 13, a Promise

Unity, Aggressively Effected

"Secret...Revealed Things"

Naming Names

Eve, her Fall

"Let Us Have Grace"

The Social Gospel

A Study of "Except"

"Radical Restoration"

The World



The Society System

Schools Among Brethren

Eternal Life


The Act of Giving


Jesus and the Father

The War Issue

Jesus' Precious Blood

An Exposition of James 2: 1-10

Jesus has Consummate Authority

Congregational Cooperation

The "New" Doctor Laura Righteousness

The Help Meet Known As "The Preacher's Wife"

Matthew 5: 32 and Matthew 19: 9, a Study

Mark 10: 11, 12 and the Innocent Put Away Mate

Some Truths Sequentially Taught

Why do Bad Things Happen to People? (Reference to September 11)

I Corinthians 14: 34, 35, An Exposition

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

The Work of the Devil

The Nation of Israel

A Study of Mark 16: 16

"The Fool Hath Said...There Is No God"

What does the "Doctrine of Christ" in 2 John 9-11 Mean?

Some Important A. D. Dates

Matthew 24 and Jesus' Coming

The Community Church Movement

Joseph, a Study of God's Providence

"What Must I do to be Saved?"

The Battle of Armageddon

A Study of Debt

The Herald of Truth

The Devil is Limited

The Church Building

Six Rules of Life

The Cost of Truth

A Study of Fathers and Sons (free moral agency)

Creation And Evolution:  Taking a Closer Look

Institutionalism and Church Supported Orphanages

Let God be True

The Matter of Withdrawal

The Foreknowledge of God

The Parable of the Sower and Man's Responsibility

The Historicity of Jesus

The Virtuous Woman

God's Eternal Plan of Salvation

The Unity in Diversity Movement

Legalism, What Exactly Is It?

Acts 2: 38, an Analysis

The Act of Confession

I Timothy 2: 8-15, an Exegesis

Language Lessons taught by the Holy Spirit

The Beginning of the Gospel, Acts 2

The Located Preacher and his Work

The Support of Preachers

Time Line Survey of Bible Events

A Religion of Feelings

Jesus - the Perfect Preacher

Hermeneutics, Handling Aright the Word

John the Baptist

Prayer Addressed to Jesus

The Jerusalem Meeting

"This Sect...Every Where...Spoken Against"

A Study of the "Flesh"

Some Agents Involved in Man's Justification

The Ten Commandments

Where is Elvis when you need him?

A Study of I Corinthians Chapter Seven

The Temptation of Jesus

America Since September 11

The Concept Many Have of "Church"

"Walk in the Spirit"

Politically Incorrect

Three Views of Salvation

Pray not thou for this People

Earnestly Contend for the Faith

The Home, as God Intends it

What about Christmas?

Jesus' First Miracle

The Matter of Hope

What is the Church?

An Interesting Incident Regarding Prayer

What God Hath Joined Together

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

That Which Is Perfect

Church Weddings

No Respecter of Persons

Some Great Chapters in the Bible

"But and if" in I Corinthians 7: 11

The Raising of Lazarus

The Matter of Blood Eating

Acts 22: 16, an Examination

A Study of "Way" in Acts

A Man Acquainted with Grief

Imagine no Crucifixion

The Miracles of Jesus

The Seven Churches

A Study of Biblical Repentance

Jesus, the King of kings

The Restoration Movement

Death and the State of the Soul

Justification, an Act of Acquittal

Two Classes

A Study of Priests

The Bible Heart

A Study of Happy

Who is a False Teacher?

Creation, Genesis One and Two

Elders, Their Work and Qualifications

Deacons, Their Work and Qualifications

Know with Certainty

Great Men and the Bible

What Denominationalism Does to Christ

Music in Worship of God

The Model Prayer

"No Man"

Demonology, a Study of Demons

Abortion, the Scourge of America

Jesus' Lordship

The Hebrew Scriptures

Strong Drink, a Major Cause of Grief

Bible Love

How the Bible Came to be

The Texts of the Bible

The Translation of the Bible

The Matter of Motivation

The Old and New Covenants

Some Good Attitudes

Moses Spake Nothing

Choirs, Solos, and Vocal Bands in Worship

A Forgotten Verse, I Corinthians 11: 19

Jesus, the Answer

The Way Flourished

The Work of the Church

Jesus, His Identity

The Art of Living

A Study of Light

Great Truths, Circumstances

Jesus and the Law of Moses

What is Calvinism?

Observations and Predictions of a Veteran Preacher

Evolution, an Empty Philosophy

God Pleasing Dress

Romans 14, an Overview

The Holy Spirit

The Atoning Blood

The Rapture

The Global Flood

Who is a Christian?

The Conscience

Controversy, our Conduct

How Old is the Earth?

The Two Foundations

Ancient Christianity, a Trip Back in Time

Paul's Platform for Unity

God's Blessings

The Bible and Dinosaurs

Arguments Used to Justify Mechanical Music in Worship

Have Miracles Ceased?

Back to the Bible

A Study of "in Christ"

Analysis of Acts 2: 38 and 3: 19

The Truth about Same Sex Marriages

Possibilities Regarding Truth

The Modern Family


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

How to Study the Bible

Imputation of Christ's Righteousness

God's Commandments - Some Accomplishments

A Study of "Because" 

The Apostles

The Origin, Fall, and Redemption of Man

The Truth about the Devil

Is Hell Annihilation?

What Does "For" in Acts 2: 38 Mean?

The Animals and the Ark

The Bible, the Source of Light

What the Bible Teaches about Worship

The Party Spirit

The Gospel and Mental Health

The Truth about the Earth

The Local Church and its Autonomy

The Truth about Baptism by Proxy

The Inspiration of the Bible

What Prayer Will and Will Not Do

The Truth about Homosexuality

Realized Eschatology (AD 70 Doctrine, I)

Realized Eschatology (II)

Realized Eschatology (III)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

What the Bible Teaches about Prayer

The Truth about Gambling 

The Church Jesus Built 

Columbine High School Carnage

Columbine, Who is to Blame?

Where Did Cain Find Mrs. Cain?

The Truth about Capital Punishment

The Book of Mormon

A Case Study of Salvation

The Truth about Marriage

The Ice and Stone Ages

The Truth about the "Veil"

Baptism, How, Who, Why, and When

Jesus and Unity

Science Reveals God

Brethren Suing Brethren

The Sinless Jesus

Theistic Evolution, Theory or Fact?

John 3: 16, A Great Statement

The Truth about Man

The Truth about Woman

The Truth about Judging

Saving Faith

The Origin of Races

Book, Chapter, and Verse Preaching

Jesus and Division

The Truth about Premillennialism

Scriptural Divorcement

The Truth about Remarriage

Unbroken Links of the Church

The Truth about the Apocrypha

The Bible and Doctrine

Marriage Annulment

The Only Begotten

The Truth about Angels

The Transfiguration

The Truth about Original Sin

Praying to Mary

Can Man Become God?

The Clergy

Justification, Paul and James

Predestination, a Horrible Decree or God's Omniscience?

Point in Time