Great Truths


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     The following Bible truths are great because of their essential nature and also because of their consequences.  They are also fundamental, often serving as impetus for other Bible truths.  Please read the brief description of each truth and click on the "click here"  to visit the article.   Also, feel free to print out any desired material.

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)THE GODHEAD    This material addresses the reality and nature of God.   In order to have basic understanding we must understand God.  Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes) CREATION     In this article we examine the Genesis' account of creation.   We make certain observations and comparisons from this account of creation.  Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes) THE LOVE OF GOD     This great Bible truth addresses one of the most profound truths found in the Bible - God's love for man.  Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes) THE CRUCIFIXION   In this article the death of Jesus is seen, as presented in the scriptures.  The emphasis is on the experience and meaning of Jesus' death.  Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes) THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS   This material explores Jesus' resurrection and what his resurrection means to man.  Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  CHRIST, PROPHET, PRIEST, AND KING  This treatment of Christ looks at Christ from the standpoint of him being prophet, priest, and king.  It also considers several false doctrines which are commonly taught today in light of Jesus being prophet, priest, and king. Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes) HEAVEN  Heaven is the "one hope" of the scriptures and serves as an anchor to the soul.  We observe much of the basic teaching of the Bible regarding this moving subject. Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes) HELL  The same Bible which teaches man about heaven also teaches about hell.  In this material we attempt to lay man's thinking aside and look at the truth taught in the Bible Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  GOD'S GRACE   In this study of God's grace, we find there is opportunity for man to be blessed by his Creator.  We look at the Bible truth as to the essentials of God's grace. Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  THE SECOND COMING  This Bible truth is motivational but has not escaped man's perversions.   We ascertain what the scriptures teach about Jesus' second advent. Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  THE LORD'S SUPPER      This material focuses on the memorial which celebrates the death, resurrection, and coming again of Jesus Christ.  It goes into detail regarding the particulars of this spiritual feast, the day of observance, frequency, manner, etc. Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  FELLOWSHIP    Man has largely reduced spiritual fellowship to the physical and secular.   This great truth explores the many nuances and implications of fellowship.Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  FORGIVENESS  What can man do in order to be forgiven of his sins?  The question is answered in the material examining and presenting the great Bible truth regarding the forgiveness of man's sins.  It reveals the Bible's teaching regarding the terribleness of sin and in what areas man sins.  Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  UPON THIS ROCK  This study is very timely in that it explores the deity of Jesus.   From the Second Century to the present the deity of Jesus has been denied and perverted.  This great Bible truth presents the deity of Jesus and its consequences.   Click here.

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  KINGDOM OF HEAVEN   This Bible truth considers the kingdom of heaven in prophesy and in reality.  It addresses and answers such questions as:  did the kingdom come or is it yet future, what is the kingdom, who are its citizens, and some truths regarding the Kingdom which are starling to some people. Click here

    purple bullet.gif (1979 bytes)  THE JUDGMENT DAY  The Judgment Day is truly one of the great truths found in the Bible.   It is also something that you and I will also experience. Click here