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These are some of the most often asked questions about our current truth

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      Question:  Why must you deal with so many issues? (Be sure to first read "Current Truth".)

     Answer:   If one sought to eliminate chapters and books of the Bible based on issues that are mentioned, there would not be but a small amount of scripture remaining.

     Question:  Does it sadden you that there are so many divisive issues regarding the Lord's Supper?

     Answer:   Very much so.  I teach on these issues in an effort to educate and thus obviate many of the issues and encourage unity.

     Question:  How common is your position regarding the presence of the assembly when partaking of the Lord's Supper?

     Answer:  I am afraid that I cannot answer this question.  However, we do not determine truth by how many or who holds what particular view.  I say this knowing that I am not in possession of the reason for the asking of the good question.

     Question:  Are you willing to debate or engage in an religious exchange in regards to your teaching?

     Answer:  All things equal and understood, yes.  I have been privilege to have over two hundred written exchanges with some of the leading thinkers (cp. Phili. 1: 7, 17). 

     Question:  Would you be willing to debate a Catholic Priest regarding the Lord's Supper?

     Answer:   My first debate was with a Catholic Priest.  I was nineteen. 

     Question:  Why do you in your Current Truth quote from people whom you do not view as altogether teaching the truth?

     Answer:   As seen in Current Truth, I quote some to illustrate how the meal and the assembly have been historically controversial points of difference.  I especially did this in view of, "Where do you come up with such, we never heard of it...."

     Question:  Where do you find your questions?

     Answer:  From many sources.  I sometimes draw from fifty years of preaching and on occasion, I ask some to read my material and ask their questions, which I then use to augment my material. 

     Question:  Do you enjoy dealing with issues?

     Answer:  I am not sure I would say I enjoy.  I experience a tremendous sense of responsibility in dealing with issues.  I have been told that I seem gifted in this regard and I humbly do the best I can.  My desire is that such teaching will help others decide what they should believe.



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