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Ancient Christianity, a Trip Back in Time

Possibilities Regarding Truth

The Truth about Homosexuality

Theistic Evolution, Theory or Fact?

The Transfiguration

The Temptation of Jesus

Truth, How Much?

Let God be True

Truth in Conflict

Time Line Survey of Bible Events

Did Jesus Practice Tolerance? (sermon outline study)

"Speaking the Truth in Love"

Point in Time

The School of Tyrannus, what Lessons Taught?

Some Truths Sequentially Taught

Time Frame Considerations

Your Teaching is too Hard!

The Truth about Marriage

The Truth about Remarriage

The Truth about Original Sin

The Truth about Judging

The Ten Commandments

The Truth about Gambling

The Truth about Capital Punishment

The Truth about Angels

The Truth about the "Veil"

The Truth about Baptism by Proxy

The Truth about the Devil

The Truth about the Earth

The Two Foundations

I Timothy 2: 8-15, an Exegesis

Great Truths, Circumstances

Who is a False Teacher?

The Truth about Man

The Truth about Woman

The Translation of the Bible

The Texts of the Bible

Religious Titles

The Cost of Truth