It would be difficult to find a Bible truth which has been more perverted than the subject of fellowship.  When "fellowship" is correctly understood, it becomes a spiritually actuating influence. To return to the Archives page, click here.     You may use "Edit/Find" to do a search on this page.    (Material constantly added.)


The Bible and Doctrine

What does the "Doctrine of Christ" in 2 John 9-11 Mean?

Paul's Platform for Religious Unity

A Study of "in Christ"

The Matter of Withdrawal

Questions and Answers about Withdrawal

Controlling the Borders

Achan, a Study of Mutual Responsibility

Schools Among Brethren

The Days of Genesis 1 (by Ferrell Jenkins) - a Review

Romans 14, an Overview

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage - the Fellowship Issue

Divorce, Remarriage and Romans 14, the Abuse Continues

Christianity Magazine, a Closer Look

The Exclusivity of Christianity

The Vital "Meal"

Naming Names

A Forgotten Verse, I Corinthians 11: 19

Who is a False Teacher?

The Unity in Diversity Movement

Who is a Christian?   (Those to be fellowshipped)

"Is Fellowship a 'Brotherhood' Issue?" - a Review

False Religion

Withdrawal, in Cases of Family Members