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Web Sites to Check Out

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Bible Questions  The questions and answers in Bible Questions is a result of a weekly newspaper column by the same name.  This column was published for over eight years in a Denver, Colorado, suburban newspaper.  There is a staff of about seven men who answer the incoming questions.  Bible Questions has a large archives with a search component for accessing the vast amount of material. 

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)The Bible Speaks  The first two sentences on the home page express the intended design of this site:  "With so many contradicting opinions today, it is sometimes difficult to know what the truth is.  The only way to know the truth is to open the bible and listen to God...."

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)The Watchman Magazine  This Web site features a different theme with multiple authors each month.  Stan Cox is the editor.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)The Gospel Way   The Gospel Way features a host of Bible topics that are easily accessed. 

Archaeology and the Bible

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Scientific Photo Gallery  This site provides photographs of the Paluxy River findings of the tracks of a human and dinosaur together. 

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)   This Web site is one of the largest sites on the Internet pertaining to all things archaeological.  You will also find many links to similar Web sites.


ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Answers in Genesis  You will find considerable material in this site pertaining to creationism and evolution.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Origins   Origins focuses on the proof scientific and biblical, for intelligent design as opposed to happenstance and natural selection.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Institute for Creation Research  ICR is one of the better know sites pertaining to creationism and organic evolution material and links.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Apologetics in Bible Truths  Do not forget about the apologetics section in this Web site.   I am regularly adding material.