Apologetics is the science which defensively treats subjects (see apologia in Philippians 1: 7, translated "defence" in the KJV).  It also challenges and refutes teachings, using the proper criteria and rationale (the Bible).  To return to the Archives page, click here.    You may use "Edit/Find" to do a search on this page.   (Material constantly added.)

Know with Certainty

"Prove All Things"

Earnestly Contend for the Faith

Truth in Conflict

Did Jesus Debate?

The Historicity of Jesus

"The Fool Hath Said...There Is No God"

"Set for the Defence of the Gospel"

Jesus and Issues

Truth, How Much?

The Reality of God

Naming Names

The Truth about the Apocrypha

"Consider," a Thought Provoking Study 

Theistic Evolution, Theory or Fact?

What does the "Doctrine of Christ" in 2 John 9-11 Mean?

Issues, Why Many Are Not Universally Resolved

Hermeneutics, Handling Aright the Word

Bible Authority, Practically Viewed

Greek, How Should a Knowledge of it be Viewed?

Let God be True

False Religion

How Old is the Earth?

Creation And Evolution:   Taking a Closer Look

What Does "For" in Acts 2: 38 Mean?

The Ice and Stone Ages

Doctrinal and Morality Matters

The Gospels, Old Law or Jesus' Law?

Language Lesson Taught by the Holy Spirit

Where did Cain Find Mrs. Cain?

Science Reveals God

The Six Days of Creation

The Days of Genesis 1 (by Ferrell Jenkins) - a Review

Have Miracles Ceased?


"Have You Not Read This Scripture?"

Creation, Genesis One and Two

The Animals and the Ark

The Book of Mormon


Imputation of Christ's Righteousness

Marriage Annulment

The Truth about Original Sin

Praying to Mary

The Truth about the "Veil"

The Truth about Baptism by Proxy

The Truth about the Earth

The Global Flood

Two Causes for Religious Error

The Bible and Dinosaurs

The Rapture

Abortion, the Scourge of America

Who is a False Teacher?

Evolution, an Empty Philosophy

Death and the State of the Soul

Two Classes