The Bible has a lot to say about man.  In would seem that people in general would want to learn what their Creator has to teach about them; hence, the subsequent material regarding man.  To return to the Archives page, click here.    You may use "Edit/Find" to do a search on this page.   (Material constantly added.)

The Truth about Man

Origin of the Races

Can Man Become God?

The Origin, Fall, and Redemption of Man

The Truth about the Earth

Creation And Evolution:   Taking a Closer Look

The Conscience

Some Good Attitudes

Evolution, an Empty Philosophy

Creation, Genesis One and Two

The Human Body

"The Spirit Lusteth to Envy"

Justification, an Act of Acquittal

The Truth about Woman

The Six Days of Creation

The Art of Living

"All Seek Their Own"

Death and the State of the Soul

"No Man"

Religious Titles

God's Grace and Man's Inability

The Good Samaritan